New Deliverable: D.T2.1.1: Training Curriculum

After the succesful conclusion of the Final Cross Country Report on Market Research Survey’s results, many conclusions, suggestions, recommendations for each Project country (Greece, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia) have been identified and have been used as direct feedback and guidance for the development of the training program which will take place in the framework of Group of Activities GA_T2 “Training program for modernization of herb enterprises”. This Training Program identifies and evaluates the modernization processes needed, in order to lead investments in specific herb products of their enterprises.

The deliverable of the Activity, D.T2.1.1: “Training curriculum with description of modules structure and content”, includes 1) the main training approach for Farm Schools and 2) the Training curriculum with general description of modules structure and content. It is based on the training needs and modernization practices of GA1 Progress Reports. 

Deliverable D.T2.1.1: “Training curriculum with description of modules structure and content is available for dowloading in the Resources section of our website!

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