Results of the 2nd Business Forum Conference in Yerevan, Armenia

On August 30, 2022, the 2nd Business Forum conference of the HEGO project took place in Yerevan, Armenia. The Business Forum was carried out by CARD (Center for Agribusiness and Rural Development) Foundation which has been entrusted to undertake the implementation of the EU BSB funded HEGO project in Armenia.

The participants were invited based on the network established among HEGO Project Partners, stakeholders and relevant enterprises as final beneficiaries and which was dedicated in promoting networking, knowledge, experience, training opportunities and innovation among its members, aiming at becoming the only cross-border Business Forum dedicated especially to promotion and trade of herb products from Black Sea Project countries (Greece, Moldova, Georgia and Armenia).

The 2nd Business Forum Conference in Armenia was organized in order Project Partnership to support and promote the concept of a conference with increased cross-border impact and dedicated to challenges, opportunities and trade profile of herb sector in Black Sea Project countries. During the preparation of the conference, CARD team mobilized all relevant stakeholders, target groups and end-users in national and Black Sea level. The event was organized in an audio-visual equipped room, catering services were provided for the participants, there were schedule, participants’ list, list of trainer/s, promotional material and announcements in e-media and social media. The public television company of Armenia made a TV report about the HEGO project, which was disseminated all over Armenia. Please find below the link for TV release:    

The purpose of the Forum was to inform the project’s key stakeholders about the goals, upcoming steps, and expected outputs of the project. The forum also hosted a stakeholder discussion which gave an opportunity to identify the existing issues in the herb sector.

The Business Forum started with the opening speech of HEGO Project coordinator Sona Telunts who presented the activities of the CARD Foundation and its fundamental role in the field of agriculture. Then HEGO Project specialist Tamar Sargsyan presented “HEGO project – the vision, goals and planned steps” ․ Afterwards the invited experts gave presentations on researches about the sector. Below is the list of presentations:

  • Green Lane NGO, Sustainable Agriculture Consultant Nune Sarukhanyan, PhD. “Knowledge of useful wild plants, sustainable collection and importance of investment in cultivation”
  • General Director ECOGLOBE LLC Filip Ashikyan, “Organic wild collection principals”
  • Herbal products production and processing expert Areg Galstyan “Quality assurance principles in the processing of herbal teas”
  • Food safety expert Sergey Chakhmakhchyan “Food safety requirements for food production organizations”

Afterwards 2 BSB funded projects were presented by EU BSB 908 Smart Farming Project Local Coordinator Ani Hakobyan and EU BSB1135/ AGREEN “Cross-Border Alliance for Climate-Smart and Green Agriculture in the Black Sea Basin” project coordinator Anna Hovhannisyan.

The event took place in a hybrid format.

The event was conducted in Armenian. English simultaneous interpretation was provided.

This was the 2nd Business Forum Conference organised in the framework of Activity A.T3.4 of the HEGO project. One more similar Conference will be organized by our Moldovan partner ODA in Chisinau in November 2022. 

Stay tuned for more info!

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