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Project main results

Project main results

Project Outputs and Results will contribute to the Programme Expected Result under Priority 1.2 (Increased cross-border links for trade and modernisation in the agricultural and connected sectors in the Black Sea Basin) with the following ways:

  • will directly result to the increase of training opportunities to farmers, improving farmers’ skills and competences and adoption of reducing wild herbs collection and raising quality, quantity, safety and environmental standards cultivation. In addition, information and knowledge provided by the training programme and e-learning platform will encourage farmers to invest in diversification of their mainstream agricultural activity and in herb products.
  • will directly result to the improvement of visibility, market share and prices of herb products and enterprises connected with herb sector in cross-border trade markets.
  • will contribute to the enhancement of the exporting profiles of sustainable herb products with marketing, branding, ICT, as well as capital investments strategies.


Moreoner, the Project will contribute to the Programme Result Indicator for Priority RI1.2 (strength of cross-border links for trade and modernisation in agricultural and connected sectors):

  • by designing and developing new training tools, methods and materials that will require strong cooperation among Project Partners during and after Project’s lifetime and the mainstreaming of these tools in basic activity of each Project Partner,
  • by committing Project Partners to provide systematic and up-to-date information and promotion and trade opportunities to target groups’ members via Business Forum and e-Business Portal, and
  • by ensuring the commitment of Project Partners to participate in and promote the Black Sea Herb Cluster in their countries, with a marketing and branding strategy, directed mainly to e-commerce. In this sense, Project Outputs will require active involvement and commitment of Project Partners for their activation and operation.
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